Connected Communities

  • SmartRent Manager

    Our platform helps you become more efficient, save money, detect issues before they become catastrophic and increase resident satisfaction.

  • Lease Faster

    Make a statement with your prospective residents with the smart home experience and lease your units faster than the competition.

  • Move In Day

    Our digital move in process streamlines every aspect of move in day. All of their smart devices are pre-configured and ready to use when they walk in.

  • Leak Detected

    Our hardware detects leaks, immediately alerts the right people and can prevent leaks from spreading. Catch issues before they become disastrous!

  • Maintenance Access

    Whether it is an after-hours emergency or a routine work order, your maintenance team will save time using digital access credentials instead of keys.

  • Happy Residents

    Our unique experience increases comfort, satisfaction and helps save money. Your residents will be wowed with our product and never want to move out!

  • Guest Access

    Whether a friend is visiting or the dog walker needs to get into an apartment everyday at 1 pm, your residents can create temporary credentials for their guests.

  • Move Out

    Automatically transfer a unit to Vacant Mode when a resident moves out so you can benefit from a pre-set climate schedule for optimal energy savings.

Get More Done With the SmartRent Community Manager App

The SmartRent Community Manager (CM) app provides community managers and staff with the tools needed to stay on top of time sensitive maintenance requests. SmartRent-enabled properties can download the SmartRent CM app (available on mobile and tablet) and use the intuitive interface to easily view and manage important property, access, work order and unit information from their phones. When access to our robust web-based platform is limited because you are out and about on your property, the app is an ideal solution. Learn more about the SmartRent CM app in our announcement.

Key features for the app include:

  • Community Selection

    If you are assigned to multiple communities, you can easily switch between them to manage a particular community’s units and work orders

  • Unit Management

    Manage units, leases, unit-related work orders and more all from your phone

  • Work Order

    Create, assign and mark completed for one or multiple units

  • Leasing Management

    Facilitate resident and leasing management remotely with the ability to coordinate leases and resident move in/outs directly from the app

Download the App today!

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Software Integrations Provide Streamlined Efficiency

  • Entrata
  • HID
  • Okta
  • RealPage
  • ResMan
  • Yardi

Our proprietary software integrates with major property management software, like Yardi, RealPage, Entrata and ResMan, as well as single sign-on portals, like Okta, and access control systems & hardware, like Brivo or HID, to help property managers and staff efficiently and effectively manage their communities from one platform.

Integrating other property management systems with SmartRent provides a powerful experience for property managers and service technicians to gain access throughout the property quickly and easily. Likewise, it provides a simple and easy workflow for communities to grant access to new residents and their guests.

The SmartRent Community Manager software comes with functionality features like automated move in/move out, single sign on access, vacant unit management, automatic hourly syncs, reports and analytics, work order automation and more. Communities can control their leasing, maintenance, access and other general functionality for site staff and residents with streamlined integration practices.

How do I make my apartments smart?

Whether you are building a new community or retrofitting your existing property, we can handle any smart apartment home challenge you throw at us. From garden-style to high-rise, our field teams are with you on site from initial inspection through installation and ongoing support.

  • Step 1: Property Inspection


    Our field staff will visit your apartment communities and perform an in-depth inspection of all unit door locks, common area access points, HVAC, electrical, water and network infrastructure.

  • Step 2: Choose your Devices


    Depending on your local municipal laws, geographic location and property type, we will design and present you with several custom device packages to choose from.

  • Step 3: Installation and Activation


    Whether you want us to install in just your vacant units or renovate your entire apartment building all at once, our field staff is equipped to manage the hardware installation and platform activation from start to finish.

  • Step 4: Training and Launch


    We understand property management and empathize with you every step of the way. We always provide in-person training for your staff and residents!

  • Step 5: On-Going Support


    Our combination of field and remote support is 24/7 and best-in-class. We are always a quick drive, call, text or email away.

  • Step 6: You Have to Call Us First!


    Don't let your competition get ahead of you, call us now to get your apartments smart and connect your communities!

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