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  • Door Lock

    Our locks offer a completely keyless entry. Use access credentials or your phone to get in!

  • Thermostat

    Remotely turn your air conditioning on/off or set a schedule to save money!

  • Lighting

    Control the lighting from your phone for a more energy efficient home.

  • Shades

    Have your shades automatically open in the morning to help you wake up.

  • Camera

    Make sure Fido isn’t jumping on the couch while you’re at work!

  • Voice Assistant

    Connect your favorite voice assistant to all of your devices. Ask it to play a scene.

72Welcome Home. Playing “Good Evening” scene.REC

The Resident Experience

We have curated a best-in-class experience for residents living in SmartRent-powered communities with our collection of smart home apartment solutions every resident will love to have.

  • App screenshot of thermostat in auto mode
  • App screenshot of access codes
  • App screenshot of Good Morning scene playing
  • App screenshot of smart home activity
  • App screenshot of smart thermostat schedule
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Voice Control

Voice assistants are revolutionizing the home automation experience as they provide an amazing new way to interact and control your devices. Download our Amazon Alexa Skill or Google Home Action today!*

  • Just ask Alexa
  • Works with Google
Caption saying: Alexa, Change the temperature to 72 degrees.Drawing of an Amazon Echo DotCaption saying: Alexa, turn the kitchen lights on.
Caption saying: Hey Google, turn the AC downDrawing of a Google Home MiniCaption saying: Hey Google, turn the kitchen lights on
24/7 support for SmartRent communities

24/7 Support

for SmartRent Communities

Our customer support team provides round-the-clock assistance for residents. They are meticulous in how they conduct their customer service calls, always making sure to protect resident privacy. They can be reached at [email protected], by calling (844) 479-1555 or via the chat option within the SmartRent app.

We also provide a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and easy to follow how-to guides for setting up your account, troubleshooting issues, specific hardware instructions and much more. Learn more by visiting our knowledge base!

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