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Why SmartRent?

  • The Smart Life

    Smart home automation makes life easier. Take control of your schedule and let automation do the work for you. Save time by creating a scene that turns off all your lights and locks your door when you leave. Conserve energy and save money by creating schedules for when you’re not home. Let smart home technology provide the convenience, comfort and control you deserve.

  • Our Ecosystem

    Integrations and interoperability is the cornerstone for our successful ecosystem of connected smart devices. We have carefully vetted and selected trusted and reliable third-party products to further enhance the SmartRent platform and offerings. We are also active participants in the industry events, associations and trade organizations to keep relevant knowledge at hand.

  • Resident Amenities

    Simplify your life! Whether you are at home or halfway around the world, you can connect to all your smart home devices through one easy mobile app.

    • Create digital access codes for your guests
    • Remotely lock or unlock your door
    • Set and change your thermostat settings
    • Add scenes to streamline your daily routine
    • Automate your schedule to save money

The Resident Experience

We have curated a best-in-class experience for residents living in SmartRent-powered communities with our collection of smart home apartment solutions every resident will love to have.

  • App screenshot of thermostat in auto mode
  • App screenshot of access codes
  • App screenshot of Good Morning scene playing
  • App screenshot of smart home activity
  • App screenshot of smart thermostat schedule
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Welcome to the Smart Apartment

  • Smart Apartment

    Take a Tour!

  • Door Lock

    Our locks offer a completely keyless entry. Use access credentials or your phone to get in!

  • Thermostat

    Remotely turn your air conditioning on/off or set a schedule to save money!

  • Lighting

    Control the lighting from your phone for a more energy efficient home.

  • Shades

    Have your shades automatically open in the morning to help you wake up.

  • Camera

    Make sure Fido isn’t jumping on the couch while you’re at work!

  • Voice Assistant

    Connect your favorite voice assistant to all of your devices. Ask it to play a scene.

72Welcome Home. Playing “Good Evening” scene.REC

Your Privacy and Security Matter

  • Your Data is Private

    Keeping your information private is our top priority. SmartRent is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. Rest assured we do not sell your data. To anyone. No matter how nicely they ask.

  • Your Data is Secure

    We work hard to earn your trust with your personal information. We encrypt our connection using ciphers compliant with industry standards to keep your data secure. We also keep up to date on any security incidents so we can update our software in order to combat any threats.

  • Your Home is Safe

    We acknowledge that keyless entry can seem unsafe, but we assure you we do not provide your personal access credentials to property management or anyone else. Our support team is trained to ask qualifying questions to make sure it is really you asking for assistance with your devices or the app. Additionally, your property manager does not have visibility into any occupied unit’s device states. In other words, they do not know when you used your lock or turned on your air.


Learn more about our software, data and security policies.

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The Installation Process

    1. Your community director will communicate when SmartRent will be onsite to upgrade your home.
    2. Prior to installation, SmartRent will host an informational resident event. We will provide an overview of the devices being installed in your home. This is a chance to speak with us directly and ask any questions you may have. Check with your community director on when your resident event will occur.
    3. You will be given a 48-hour notice prior to your home's installation. In general, installation hours are between 9am and 6pm.
    4. You are not required to be home during the installation.

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    1. Upon arrival, we will knock to see if you are home. If there is no answer, we will unlock the door and begin the installation.

    2. Since each property is different, we will be installing one or more of the devices below depending on building and community need. Models of each device will vary.

      1. Smart Lock: We will be removing the current deadbolt lock from your front door and installing a smart lock. Learn how to use your smart lock.

      2. Thermostat: We will replace your current thermostat with a smart thermostat. Learn how to use your thermostat.

      3. Dimmer Switch: This will allow you to set preferred lightning in your home. We suggest setting up scenes to get the most out of your dimmer switches.

      4. Leak Sensor: The leak sensor(s) is a discrete water detection device that fits under or near any appliance that would be susceptible to leakage and water damage.

      5. Hub: This device communicates with the other devices installed in your home and sends data to our mobile app. Without the hub, you will not have access to the app. Learn more about the hub and how it works.

    3. The hub will be plugged into your WiFi router via our provided ethernet cable. Plugging the hub into your router directly does NOT have any negative effects on the performance of your internet. This is simply to enhance the speed of the signal and provide an optimal experience for you via the SmartRent mobile app.

    4. We strongly suggest having the hub plugged into your router via ethernet for the best smart home experience.

    5. Once our team has finished installing your new smart devices, you’ll receive an email inviting you to create your SmartRent account.

    6. Once invited, you will receive:

      1. A welcome email which will walk you through downloading the SmartRent app and creating a password to log into your SmartRent account.

      2. A text and email with your new smart lock access code credentials. This is your personal access code. Do not share it with others.

    7. You’re all set! Your devices will be shown in the mobile app and our desktop site (control.smartrent.com, using the same login information as the app). You can now begin to use the SmartRent app to control your smart devices from anywhere!

    1. If you need assistance, the SmartRent installation team will be on site throughout the project to help answer any questions.
    2. You can also contact support via phone, email or using the in-app chat:
      1. Phone: (844) 479-1555
      2. Email: [email protected]

    Relevant Links

    Visit the Knowledge Base learn more:

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* Not all features are available or supported in every property.